YogaZonePLUS – Grand Opening Today!

Today is the big day, our first class starts at YogaZonePLUS!! There are still a few spots for tonight – 6:00 pm -7:00 pm. Classes are only $10.00 in March, please visit for schedule and more information. You must pre-register for classes as there are only 10 spots per class. We are located at 509 Bloor Street West, a few minutes walk from either Spadina or Bathurst subway stations.

Many people have asked how I became so interested in yoga and why I decided to start YogaZonePLUS, I’d like to share my story…

I’ve never been slim, but I was active and loved sports until an accident in 2001 left me barely able to walk for almost 2 years. I had severe nerve damage and sciatica and was shuttled from specialist to specialist but all they did was ply me with painkillers. I gained 120lbs. I was already about 80 lbs overweight so this was devestating. Desperate to try anything, I tried acupuncture and yoga. I did both weekly for 6 months and the sciatica was completely cured! Seriously, no more medication or ‘specialists’ required!

Yoga totally changed my life, however, it took every ounce of confidence I had to walk into that first yoga class. The benefits far outweighed the shame & judgment, so I kept going, trying studio after studio hoping for one that “fit”. I couldn’t do many of the poses, and when the instructor even bothered to acknowledge me (which was rare, usually I got a look of shock or pity), generally I was told “Just do your best.”

I did better, in 2002 I started YogaPLUS in Vancouver. I found out quickly that most bigger folks felt the same as I did about attending ‘regular’ yoga classes. YogaPLUS was a hit from day one, however I had to come back to Toronto in 2003 for personal reasons. It’s been my dream to start again bigger and better in Toronto. Dreams do come true! We have a new name and a new website and our first offering is yoga classes specifically created for plus size people.

Personal training, both one-on-one and small groups, retreats and nutrition workshops will be available soon.

Yoga has been a large factor in my growing self acceptance and confidence and it has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve lost over 100 lbs (still working on that goal!) and plan on getting certified as both a yoga instructor and personal trainer soon. The most important lessons I’ve learned are to live in the present as much as possible, move my body every day and to be kind to myself and others. I’ve finally learned not to judge myself or others by a number on a scale and the freedom that brings is truly immeasurable! I want to help as many people as possible achieve this freedom!

I hope you will join a class at YogaZonePLUS soon, we would love to share our comfortable and motivating environment with you. You can try your first class for only $10.00, visit the website for schedule and details.



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