Weight Loss With Yoga

Weight Loss with Yoga

Yoga is a great way to lose and keep off weight. Through regular practice, it can positively alter your consciousness in a way that it benefits your mind and body. Through regular and sustained yoga practice you can elongate your muscles, lose weight and
learn to be more present, thus helping with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and a slew of other conditions.                                

Yoga has long been thought of as a great way to increase flexibility and relieve stress. Many people have seen the wonderful benefits yoga has in weight loss in recent years. Specific positions or asanas can target areas such as the abdomen, waist, and thighs. Those asanas that target the abdomen are the abdominal lift, the child pose, and the cobra pose. On the other hand, the downward and upward-facing dog poses, the hero pose, and the angle pose help tone the hips and thighs.

Any physical activity burns calories. Even as you sit and read this, you are already burning calories. When performing yoga, you can burn hundreds of calories per hour depending on the type of class. Though it generally burns fewer calories than more strenuous exercises, it works all the muscles in the body and tones them more evenly. Often seen as a low-impact form of exercise at the beginner level, yoga can be performed by almost anyone!

A healthy, balanced meal plan (with the appropriate level of calories for your body and goals) and a sustained program of yoga can help with long-term weight loss. Specific asanas can help increase your metabolism. The Salutation to the Sun, Pose of the Moon, Cobra pose, Bow Stretch, and Spinal twist all work to increase your metabolic rate and stimulate the endocrine system.

The best types of yoga for weight loss are considered to be the most physical. Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and Power Yoga are considered to be the most physical types. If you’ve never done yoga before, it is not advisable to start with the most physical types. Instead, try other types which are fit for beginners. You can try the most common form which is Hatha Yoga.  Once you become comfortable with this style, you may already start to notice changes in your body.

Most people also find that meditation and breathing exercises they learn during yoga help them to increase their will power. Instead of giving in to their cravings, they perform a breathing exercise or maybe even meditate.  Yoga generally makes you more clear headed, calm and happier…it promotes the well being necessary to quiet food cravings. To fight off cravings, increase your will power by trying this simple exercise. First, clear your mind. Breath deeply then repeat to yourself: “I will be healthier. I will be happier. I will live well” Positive reinforcement will surely help you lose weight with yoga.

If you are plus size and would like to try a class for bigger bodies, visit www.yogazoneplus.com.  We offer classes specifically created for plus size people.


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